• Joint Endoscopy Center

    Joint endoscopic surgery is able to diagnose and treat the deepinternals of a joint with a 1-2 cmincision.

    Full HD arthroscopy from Stryker of the USA enables surgeons to navigate the damaged parts in detail under high-resolution.

  • Non-Surgical Spine Center

    Non-surgical treatment is helpful in reducing the pain in eighty to ninety percent of patients.
    With 3D Tracequipment, we are using 3-D orthotheraphy to adjust disc negative pressure.

    In combination with chiropractywe are able to treat lumber and neck discs, spinal stenosis and scoliosis.

  • Spine- Specialty Center

    The surgical microscope from the German company Carlzeiss provides optimal treatment and enables micro-precise spinal surgery that allows us do minimal invasive spine fixation and artificial disc surgery to ease the strain on patients.



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